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Tips: Take control of your life

«The best day of your life is the day you decide that your life is yours.» Unknown Author

We only have one life and we often realize it too late. So today you can give yourself the means to make your life something that counts for you, something you love and, above all, which makes you happy!

Take stock of your life

Take time for yourself and especially to ask yourself. Take a piece of paper and a pencil or a computer, the best for you, and answer the questions that seem most existential to you. What makes me happy today? What would make me happier? What are the points that I want to improve in my daily life or delete?

This job can take several days, even several months or just a few hours if you have the click! Everyone has their own rhythm to understand what is wrong with their lives or, more importantly, what is going well! Take this development as an opening to new projects, new changes, always with positive energies and a smile on your face!


Set up an action plan

Now that you have a click on what YOU would like to become, it’s time to put it all into practice. Because, very often, this step is discarded because of a lack of will and/or we scatter far too quickly to carry out our resolutions and our new projects!

Set realistic goals, do not bombard your to-do list with thousands of things that, in reality, are useless for achieving your new goals. Go to basics, step by step, being accompanied by your personal surroundings for a gain of motivation without fault. If your goal is, for example, to find a better physical condition, go for basic objectives such as: eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day, play sports at least three a week and sleep 30 minutes earlier than now.

Quantifying your goals will make them all the more realistic. Nobody can reach a point of arrival that is still unknown without having a good road map: your action plan will be your best ally to follow your progress and reach your goals!

Stay motivated!

Because, yes, having new goals and an ultra-efficient roadmap is not enough! Indeed, motivation is the key factor that will allow you to achieve everything. This motivation may be at its peak at the beginning of this desire for change but may crumble along the way. The solution to stay ultra-motivated? Being accompanied by your loved ones: there is nothing better than having the approval of your family and friends and seeing them boost us to realize our dream life to push us to make them proud of what we want to achieve!

“There are two basic choices in life: accepting the existing conditions or accepting the personal responsibility to change them” Denis Waitley


Be awesome, xx

Credits Photo: Unsplash

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