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#TRENDS: Colors for Summer 2019

Darling, colors up! This is the watchword for 2019: all you have to do is go to any clothing store to realize that two trends dominate: neutral tones and colors of all kinds. Pastel yellow, lilac, fuchsia pink, sky blue, mint green… We see all kinds of colors and it’s perfect for a crazy summer! Find here the guide from A to Z to wear the trendy fashion colors of this summer 2019!

Fifty shades of blue

Like the beautiful @highishe, wear blue for this summer! From the sky blue, ultra-trendy in stores, to the electric blue that gradually rises, or the pastel blue that will highlight your skin tanned by the summer sun: be creative!

Call me Jaune

Powdered pink was used as an alternative to white the previous year. It’s time for pastel yellow to take this place this summer and showcase your healthy glow. Yellow has the power to bring cheerfulness and to be an intellectual stimulant: don’t hesitate to wear it to be at the top of the game!

Lilac is blooming

It was a hit last year and it continues this year: lilac warms the heart by soothing the mind. This purple hue scares some people because their skin is too light, but: no more prejudices and wear what you want! If you like lilac, go ahead and dress in this iconic color of the moment.


Fuchsia is invading our favorite shops, even if opinions differ on it. Too flashy for some and fresh for others, there is no doubt about the fact that it is the Trend and I love it!

Tea? Yes: mint green, please

Mint green and its variations are skyrocketing in the 2019 trends. Even if they are not always easy to combine, their purity and the vintage side will delight Fashionistas! Look like an angel by combining it with white or powder pink.

Take care of yourselves Lovies!



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