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We Are Fashion: Laugh Of Artist

Victoria, or more known as Laugh Of Artist, is a French blogger, fashion influencer and stylist. It is therefore with great pleasure that I am finally presenting her interview, originally published on my previous blog, because she is a person I admire a lot, both professionally and personally.

Victoria started blogging almost four years ago and is now one of frenchmost influential fashion bloggers. Whether it is on her blog, where she regularly posts her outfits, shopping selections or stories of her travels abroad that make us want to escape, or even on her Instagram account, which now has 100,000 subscribers and simply makes us dream: Victoria’s passion for fashion radiates with a thousand lights and inspires us.

Victoria is not just a blogger. Her love for fashion led her to make it a concrete project that I love very much: YAYOU PARIS. With her sister, Aliénor, they decided to embark on the beautiful adventure of creating their own clothing brand: a wardrobe in their image, produced in small quantities, authentic, in Paris 100% made in France! I strongly advise you to take a look at their E-shop! I particularly like their collections for their very chic cut, as well as for the play of fabrics/materials that create a real Parisian style. My favorite piece? The YV Tank Top in blue nightie style that combines Calais lace with silk satin: a perfect combo!


Yourself, your background, your blog or your clothing brand make you a real source of inspiration for fashion bloggers and those who want to get started, how do you feel about that?

Victoria: I have no idea…. I obviously feel happiness, gratitude for that…. But we don’t always realize the real impact behind it. It is a pleasure to get feedback, encouragement and give inspiration from my posts:) In any case, it’s all positive! 

What do you prefer in the world of blogging? Although I suppose you like a lot of things, what would be the main one?

Victoria: All these possible opportunities! To be able to do what you love, with no real limits other than your imagination. The incredible encounters and all those beautiful things that would never have happened to me without the blog! 

How would you describe your style?

Victoria: My clothing style is rather casual chic with a rock trend I would say!

What would you recommend to “young” fashion bloggers with your experience?

Victoria: I don’t have much experience… bloggers who have been blogging for more than ten years would be in a better position than me to give advice. I started my little blog almost four years ago… I wanted to propose a few things at my level after seeing hundreds of blogs when I was a teen…

Where do you see yourself in a few years on a professional level? Do you have professional dreams to realize or specific projects?

Victoria: I don’t know about that… For the moment I am taking advantage of the opportunities offered to me! To evolve in the field of fashion obviously… of photography and to develop YAYOU, my brand of clothes made in Paris.

Take care and see you soon, Eva

Photo Credits:  © Laugh Of Artist &  © YAYOU PARIS 

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