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Last year, I was given the opportunity to spend a month in Ireland as an au pair. I was fortunate to live in a family filled with love and so positive that it changed me dramatically. Without realizing it, I gradually learned about personal development and I really want to share with you my discoveries, my advice, etc… But we must start with the basics, so: what is it really personal development?



This definition come from Psychologies website:

“Personal development concept applies to all that is or can be implemented by each of us, spontaneously or by various techniques to acquire an ever greater psychic maturity, develop its possibilities of creativity, release its true personality. The current tendency of personal development is to consider that this search for mental maturity concerns both the body and the mind and leads to their unification. “


NB: I am very far from being a professional specialist of personal development and all that follows in this article will be based on my point of view and MY current and past relationship with this development process.



In short

Personal development is, therefore, a process of self-acceptance, both physically and internally. This process is built through different techniques that today are widely democratized. These techniques can and/or are specific to each: one person will prefer to attend lectures on positive psychology while another will prefer meditation at home. Each person is unique and so is each personal development process.

Whatever techniques you can use, they all have the same goal: to get to know you better and to learn to love that person, to accept yourself as you are and to have confidence in yourself. We can simplify all this by saying that personal development is in itself the search for happiness through self-acceptance. By the unification of our body and our spirit because one does not go without the other.


The objectives of this process

As said before, the goal is therefore the search for happiness, self-acceptance and self-confidence. But what good is it to be happy and to have confidence in yourself? Well, we only have one life. Even though beliefs may come into play and some people think that other life(s) is/are waiting for us, at this time, we only have one life on Earth. It is therefore essential to look for personal happiness and accomplish what we want to do here and now. Self-confidence allows us to be autonomous and to evolve in the direction we want, to reach our personal and professional goals and to be completely fulfilled every moment of our life.

You will use all your abilities and skills to become the best version of yourself.



For who?

For everyone! People suffering from any pathology or inner ill will perhaps find a solution much more effective than for someone who is already well advanced on the scale of happiness. Everyone can find his account in the accomplishment of this process.



Techniques of personal development are very varied but I can list you below a small list. Obviously, each person may find no interest in using one of these techniques while one will see the best opportunity to indulge in the experience. It’s all about finding what suits us best and what can bring us the most about our personal and professional goals!

  • Relaxation therapy (sophrology)
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Reading Books
  • Attend conferences based on your development goals (TED)
  • Watch videos
  • Private or group lessons of personal coaching



Blossom & Brighten up. This is what personal development can bring you if you put yourself in it. Each at its own pace, with its method, with its own goals. I am in no way a professional coaching consultant but this topic fascinates me so much that I can not help talk about it here on my blog. Hoping that this article has you more and that the others that follow will also please you.


Eva, xx

Credits Photo: Unsplash


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